The Geisha Treatment

“A Geisha, most commonly called a Geiko in Kyoto is in Japan a female entertainer and artist who acts as a hostess. Her wide skills include performing various arts such as Japanese classical music, traditional dance and conversation. A Geisha masters the art of companionship and entertainment for an affluent clientele.” (Wikipedia)

Inspired by both this appealing Japanese art and techniques of Asian massage, Massage Absolut now offers you a unique experience which will entice all your senses and make you experience something truly unique, the Geisha Treatment!

All hostesses have been chosen carefully and trained to insure quality service and make you fully appreciate this unique concept. 

Treatments last 75 minutes, where you will live an all new experience of well-being and relaxation of both body and mind. 

Upon arrival in our specially furnished modern Geisha room, you will be offered a refreshment and then you are left to be guided by your Geisha of choice. Bath, ambiance, sensuality, music, Nuru gel, intimacy, relaxation, kimono, luxury and massage are all embodied in the Geisha Treatment.

The Nuru Treatment